I have seen
Fields of green
Dark skies glowing
Rivers flowing
And I have felt their yearning
And I have known their secret

Nature's pain
Falls like rain
Feel her beauty
Know her duty
Mirror me
Make me see
Lead my longing
To belonging
I will remember skies I once knew
And in the fullness all things anew

If silence is a word
If heaven is a voice I once heard
Tie me a ribbon of golden thread

If summer is a place
Of twilight stars and shimmering haze
Tie me a ribbon of golden thread

If sadness is a key
To lullabies the wind sang for mee
Tie me a ribbon of golden thread

Paper Moon

A paper moon on fire
Sheds ashes on the sea
It's closer now than yesterday
As close as it will never be

An hour left to dreaming
Of moments lost in time
And seconds of lucidity
I thought would not abandon me

I have a faded picture
Of joy in amber light
As instant burnt away too soon
Like visions of paper moon

Hold on paper moon
You came, and left too soon


Faintly as the shadows
Of evening gently fall
Across the fields and meadows
A raven sounds its call

Carried by a current
Of pain and memory
Across the seas of slumber
Its calling reaches me

And I must follow
This voice of longing
Past fields of sorrow
And no tomorrow

Wrapped in shades of nightfall
The stars will light my path
Forever flying homewards
On wings of broken song

And if their light should flicker
The voice will carry on
As echoes in a quiet land
Where spirits may go strong

I lift the veil of ashes
To find the road to heaven
And in blindness find my sight
I drink the silence of light

And when this cup is empty
The sky will burts upon us
And its waters wash away
All but our sky-bound way

The Last Rose of Summer
She sits by the window
Gazing at the frozen river
Her hands clasped tight above her heart
A tear runs down her cheek
She starts to shiver

Memories that haunt her
Summer nights that came and went
Like winds that move the willow's leaves
Today the last leaf fell
The tree is bent

Once there was a springtime
With flowers of the deepest blue
And he came from the south-land
Bearing gifts of love
And hope so sweet

Now summer is long gone
And gone those eyes of deepest blue
And hope lies withered on the ground
As will the last red rose
Held to her breast

The Reach

Towers tall
Stand before me
As I leave the hall
To heed this call

High above
Roses climb
As evening's hours die
A distant cry

I must leave
All behind
Shed all those ties that bind
My tethered mind

Darkened light
I must take care
Never shine to bright
Stay out of sight

Once, on a windswept shore
I stood alone
Sensed that far cry
Across the reach

Tool the bell
For this sad world
Was my prison cell
A pleasant hell

End this pain
End my time
In this blind god's domain
Of brutal claim

Fragrant night
Give me shelter
From these stars too bright
And hide my flight