1. Anamnesis (9:11)
2. Paper Moon (6:44)
3. The Crucible (7:31)
4. The Last Rose Of Summer (3:23)
5. Gnostalgia (10:17)
6. The Reach (10:59)

Bonus Tracks:
7. Gnostalgia (Demo) (11:22)
8. The Crucible (Demo) (7:21)
9. Paper Moon (Live) (5:18)

Sacrament was the first White Willow album we were all really happy with. I think it was a bit of a quantum leap from the first two albums. We had rehearsed quite intensively for about a year before recording it, spending a lot of time on the arrangements. This version of the band was lucky to have some amazing talent. Ketil Vestrum Einarsen, Johannes Sæbøe, Brynjar Dambo and Aage Moltke Schou were all thoroughly musical and intelligent performers, arrangers and writers, and brought an incredible amount of ideas to the table. Sylvia really matured as a singer during this period too, and really stamped her personality on the album. Sacrament was very much a joint effort, and a very positive experience for me personally. I had finally connected with a talented and dedicated bunch of people I could actually call a band.

Our joy in making the album was reflected in the reception and the sales too. Sacrament sold very briskly for a prog album at the time, and the critical reception was pretty much unanimously positive. To this date this is probably the most delicate and complex album we have made.

The bonus tracks include two demos that we recorded prior to the actual album recordings, down in the basement of a municipal building in my home town. The arrangements differ a bit, and include Tirill Mohnís pretty violin playing. The live track, Paper Moon, is from an audience recording made in 2005 and features the Signal To Noise line-up playing this concert favorite.

- Jacob Holm-Lupo, March 16. 2014.
Brynjar Dambo, Aage Moltke-Schou, Sylvia Erichsen, Johannes Sæbøe, Jacob Holm-Lupo, Ketil Vestrum Einarsen

Full-Length MP3: Anamnesis

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