Ignis Fatuus (2013 Remaster)

Disc One:
1. Snowfall (6:30)
2. Lord Of Night (7:13)
3. Song (2:03)
4. Ingenting (3:14)
5. The Withering Of The Boughs (7:16)
6. Lines On An Autumnal Evening (4:52)
7. Now In These Fairy Lands (5:28)
8. Piletreet (1:47)
9. Till He Arrives (3:30)
10. Cryptomenysis (11:37)
11. Signs (2:04)
12. John Dees Lament (11:00)

Disc Two:
1. Det Omvendte Baeger
2. Snowfall (demo)
3. Till He Arrives (demo)
4. Lord of Night (live)
5. Grankvad
6. I in the Eye
7. Moonchild

"Ignis Fatuus was recorded in a 100% analog manner, to a 16-track tape machine. It was recorded under primitive circumstances, but to the best of our abilities at the time. We ourselves were not 100% happy with the recording, but Bob Katz loved it so much that he wanted to do as little with it as possible. His mastering is subtle to the point of being inaudible. Which is not to say he didn't do a great job - he did an amazing job, and I know he spent a lot of time on it, and that it was a job he really enjoyed.

That said, I think everyone who was involved in the recording agrees that it could have used a bit more post-mix tweaking. There are places where the original pre-master mix feels very anemic and thin. So this is a master we do more for our own sake than for anyone else's. We have simply aimed to make the album sound the way we originally envisioned it when we made it. The remastering has been done by Jens Petter Nilsen, who is quite simply an audio genius (much like Bob Katz) and has worked extensively at the legendary Rainbow Studios (Manfred Eicher/ECM). He understands to a tee the subtleties and fine-tuned dynamics of the music, and the analog warmth and clarity inherent in the simple and uncluttered way we recorded the album. He has done a remarkable job in respectfully retaining the magic while at the same time making mild enhancements in keeping with the band's wishes. He has only used analog outboard equipment for these enhancements." - Jacob Holm-Lupo

Jan Tariq Rahman, Trill Mohn, Audun Kjus, Sara Trondal, Eldrid Johansen, Jacon Holm-Lupo, Alexander Engebretsen

Full-Length MP3: Lord Of Night

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