White Willow is considered Norway's foremost exponent of art-rock - by which people tend to mean pop songs stretched to pointless lengths and crammed with weird-sounding instruments. And that happens to be pretty much what we do.

We've been at it since 1995 when we released our first album, "Ignis Fatuus". Since then we've changed line-ups frequently, and gone through gradual stylistic shifts that have led us from prog-folk via symphonic hard rock to something else. It is universally agreed that in spite of all these instabilities a White Willow album must contain certain constants: Chiming guitar chords, mellotrons and songs about sad people.

Our favorite quote about the band is from allmusic.com: "In a prog world where quality is too often measured through virtuosity alone, White Willow embodies the simple and uncertain beauty of shadows."

Current Line-Up...

Sylvia Erichsen - vocals
Lars Fredrik Frøislie - keyboards
Ketil Einarsen - flutes
Jacob Holm-Lupo - guitars
Ellen Andrea Wang - bass
Mattias Olsson - drums and everything